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Idk if you guys have Yick Yack? But on my page, there is a girl on there and she is bashing other girls because a guy posted on there he wanted a bj. A guy posted it and the girls were getting bashed for responding. This really bothered me… The only girl who made a post about it was saying that she “liked giving bj” not that she wanted to give them and she was bashed. The girl doing all this bashing said these girls had no dignity or self-respect and that she couldn’t care less about the guys being horny. But because the girls were they lacked respect. Not okay.

I just think that there is a double-standard for when girls get horny and guys get horny.

The Invisible (2007) Full Movie HD

Such a good movie!


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We discovered the atom but when will we discover eve?


Does anyybody else realize Easter falls on 4/20?


(by Carsten Meyerdierks)